Battle Buddy Service Dogs

One of our favorite organizations to support is Battle Buddy Service Dogs from Kansas City, MO.  Their Mission statement says it all.

“Battle Buddy Service Dogs is a veteran operated, not for profit organization that provides U.S. Military Veterans diagnosed with service related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with Service Dogs. We pair rescued dogs with the veterans, and train them together to build a trusting bond similar to the battle buddy the veteran had while serving.
Studies show that 80% of the veterans experience improvement in their symptoms when paired with a service dog. If the Battle Buddy Service Dog program can improve the quality of life for veterans and their loved ones then we have fulfilled our mission.”

If you holiday list includes donating to a quality organization please consider this group.  So many vets need the help that they can provide.  For more information please visit their web site at and then if you can please donate.  Thank you from this veteran and may God Bless you and the U.S.A..


Surgery Week

Today starts the beginning of surgery prep week.  Friday 12/9/2016 – Total Hip replacement.  With any luck at all 8-12 weeks after that I can start riding again.  I haven’t been able to ride for a couple of years.  I had no idea that my hip was so messed up.  I should have had the surgery much sooner.  Live and learn……..   I’m just a slow learner I guess.